Post Christmas Blues

Yes, I am having the post Christmas blues and I am at work today and I on Monday as well, you know at times taking long holidays just makes you lazier and just wanna hang out at home and friends. But this Christmas was awesome, loads of things happened, from the 12 days of Christmas to the Melaka trip where all of us pigged out like mad and Christmas dinner itself and meeting a new found friend from America and today is the best day as I got all my new toys from work….all the best lenses that you can have…anyway I will write more soon…but for now here are some pics…

Michelle Jean Britton…she is COOL !


My new toys…


My workplace taken with my new lens…….


 ~Later Days~


6 thoughts on “Post Christmas Blues

  1. Heya 🙂 Thanks for the Christmas Wish ya 😛 lolx was abit stoned (spaced out) when u called 😀 but thanks for the call really appreciate it too!!!!!

    Merry belated christmas and a happy early new year !


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