One Week after the New YEAR….

Holla people…..its finally 2008 and yes Happy New Year to all of you out there, yes I know I have not been updating my blog past few weeks and yes I was really sad that someone I just met had gone back to the Philippines, its really interesting to know how someone you know for a short period of time can be so influential to you, and knowing them for who they are the things that you cant forget when they leave…. Well, there are lots of things that are I am suppose to write but I think I will stop here for now and just post some pictures that I have taken : 

KL Street Art


Seagulls flying along Melaka Coastline…


Me jumping at Pavillion


My favorite portrait shot of me.. 


Michelle Jean… ( Miss her loads ) 


Michelle at Syahrin’s studio…

 Well, I so happy knowing Michelle…..she is DA Bomb….

Anyway, to everyone out there, have a wonderful year ahead and will write more soon….till then…


~Later DAYS ~ 


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