The Moon and ICE CREAM Treat….

Yup, two days the moon looked so pretty and as I was leaving work I managed to get some shots of the moon, but I didnt have a good lens, only used my 90-300mm lens with only a 4.5 f/stop…Anyway here is the shots…

Well, yesterday was a public holiday because of an Indian festival named Thaipusam and The CHAY and me met up with Petrina and Joni for ice cream at the Curve…We had New Zealand Natural ice-cream and it tasted really YUMMY ! Here are some pictures:

~Later Days~


3 thoughts on “The Moon and ICE CREAM Treat….

  1. whoah, thats a great shot of the moon! if i ever tried to take a picture of it, it’ll end up looking like a big shiniy thing… hehhe, i can actually see the colors of the moon from your shots! amazing…. (mouth drops)

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