Switchfoot Rocked Kuala Lumpur….

Thats right, Switchfoot came and rocked Kuala Lumpur in their own style and I was there to experience it…and it was SWEET ! The opening acts were our very own Love Me Butch and Altered Frequency…. But I have to hand it to the guys from San Diego, California..Switchfoot rocked the night out…. Too bad I couldnt bring in my camera but managed to take some shots of them during the meet & greet session after their show. Here are some pictures of the guys:    The Lead Guitarist The band… Jon Foreman…The lead singer…  ~Later Days~  


6 thoughts on “Switchfoot Rocked Kuala Lumpur….

  1. Hey Dude….
    Switchfoot wei… Awesome…
    Eh, can u send me the pictures u took at my party uh?
    Wanna have a look at them…
    Thanks man… My Mac is working great now… Thanks… 😉

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