The one where my friend turns 21 !

Yes, I am kinda stealing the title style from Lam…..Well, anyway I wanna make a shoutout to my friend, Reuben W.J Kang who turned 21 last week on 29th January….This dude is one funny man and he thinks more like an Indian rather than a Chinese…Thats what I think la…well, since ur 21 now, make sure do all the legal things that you are always wanting to do….One more thing, this guy is one talented bugger, since my acting days at TOS till now he has always been talented….Well, Reuben all da best to you ok…By the way here are some pictures from that night:

Reuben having fun



Christine Ellis & Me  

Reubs & Wai Jean 

For more of this pictures, please click 

~Later Days~ 


5 thoughts on “The one where my friend turns 21 !

  1. hey i know that reuben guy! he performed at our Peculiar Open Mic Session in grace usj last year..and he lives in usj2 kan? ahahaha small world.

    and i see hazel (and derlyn). i thought hazel was studying somewheresomewhere..

  2. EH, bugger, Joni. I was just about to leave the same message. hahahha…

    Hazel’s studying in Australia. She’s back for holidays, i guess. Cause i saw her in church last week.

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