Tribute to a Friend & of Random Tuesdays…

Well, firstly I would love to say that I want to apologize to my good friend, Mr. Lam Foo Tseng ( I linked ur blog ah ! )hehehehehehe…..that I forgot to mention you on my previous post…He so kecik hati with me la…( I know he was joking ) but anyway I wanna give him a shout out la, on my post…the ever so cool, funky, smart, chunky, cute, teddy bear, huggable guy on earth is my good buddy who had thought me lots in his own way….

After getting his pedal….

With his sexy pout…Arrrrr


Well, dude even if I forgot to mention you la, you are one cool and happening bro that I will always be proud of man….by the way you link my blog wrongly la (hehehehehehehe) you rock man !

On other news, I found out about this group guys and girls who does random things in city of New York and these people are good, like they just improvise on anything they can think of. They are called as Improv Everywhere and they rock, I wish I can do something like that in KL…it would be so cool….Here are some videos of them in action:


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