Of Valentine’s,Excellent Jazz Duo & A wonderful Birthday Party…

Yes that’s right last week for Valentine’s Day I went out with my best friends from my college days. Weng Onn who just came back from the USA and Christine who is workin in an IT company also Venice working as a marketing executive. Well, as usual we sat and chatted for a long time and catching up on the things that has been going on with our lives. Anyway here are some pictures from the night:

Left : Me, Christine, Venice & Weng Onn

Christine & Me

Christine being all Japanese

Wen Onn being all crazy

Weng Onn got a tattoo in Thailand…

Well, I was so stoked and happy seeing my old bunch and this Wednesday we are meeting again to catch a movie…That would be cool but Venice cant make it….

And on Saturday night, I was at Bangkok Jazz to see The Excuses feat Hunny Madu performing live. The saxophonist, Adil Johan and pianist Aidan Miller are uber cool people and they played thier hearts out on that night and as usual the KLickr bunch were there as well. Here are some shots from the night:

Adil Johan

Aidan Miller

Hunny Madu

Aidan Miller and Adil Johan

It was a funful event and yesterday was my bestie from church birthday. We brought her for karaoke session at Red Box and after that had a drink at the Asam Pedas Cafe at the Curve where we took lots of funny pictures. Anyway, Happy Birthday to you Jackie Fong:

Group Picture…

Looking classic…

Jackie gone all GANGSTA !


Anyway there are more pictures from the day. Click HERE  

~Later Days~


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