Of Music Festivals, Concerts and KL Flickr Meetups and being stuck in the car…

Yes, I have officially been to for a few concerts in a row. In order are:

1. Switchfoot at KLCC Convention Centre

2. Colbie Cailiat at the Laundry, The Curve

3. Sunburst Music Festival which was the BOMB !

I missed out on the Backstreet Boys concert as I was in Terengganu, but am not a big fan anyway…Well, to date the Sunburst music festival was the best one that I cant deny the fact of seeing so many big stars at the same place for 12 hours. I was mesmerized by the cool and suave licks of jazz band, Incognito. I was in awe of the coolness of The Roots, and I was having goosebumps when John Legend was singing and blown away by Incubus as they ended the music festival with their rocking set…. Well, I didnt bring my camera for this event but I managed to take some pics of Colbie Cailiat when she was performing:


Well, this month also had like a few mini meets and a big meetup for my KL FLickr group people and I met lotsa wonderful people these couple of weeks. The earlier mini meet was at The Curve, whereby The Tarik Cafe is situated:


Using my new picture style effect…

One of our friends just came back from Indonesia, so she brought all the clove cigarettes that she found there, and there is also a Marlboro pack with clove ciggy’s…

The big meetup was at Palette Palette cafe at Tengkat Tung Shin:

Shafina our moderator

Ena never fails her POUT !


Also I met the owner of Palette Palette, he was one cool dude…and he had an awesome tattoo on his arm:

Ben NG

Well, thats it for the meetups and I am writing this part cuz I was inspired by my friend Doreen who took pictures what is in her car while she was stuck in a traffic jam. So I was with Gemma yesterday at the Bukit Bintang vicinity and it was super packed and this is what I had in my car including Gemma that is:

My trusty chicken keychain…

My backpack

Some clothes….

Gemma getting stuff out of her bag…

And finally Gemma doin the TAK NAK !

Well, that is for now, as I have something cool to post tomorrow as well….Till then…

~Later Days~


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