Big Meetup, Pictures in Newspaper & Auditions….

Yes thats right, I had a wonderful meet last week as it was the KLickr group 2nd anniversary and it was one day that will be remembered for the rest of my life as the people that I have met are the really wonderful and cool. Anyway here are some pictures from that night:

Muid dancing…

Picture in a picture…


Lyanna Johan

Well, thats for the meetup, and last Friday something else happened as well, I was so stoked about it and was glad when I saw it, yeah my pictures came out in the newspapers in the RaGE college pullout, its the pictures that I took when I went for my first photo walk with the KLickr group:

For the bigger and clearer version click HERE 

And on a final note for this posting, I am currently helping out in an audition process for an upcoming movie which will be starring Christien New, Lavine Seow, Sazzy Falak, Daphne Iking and others. The movie is called Back to School aka Life is Good:


and for those of you all who are interested in trying out please check out the official website at whereby all the details and also the application form and all you inspiring actor, singers and dancers give it a try yeah….well, till then

~Later Days~


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