“Afghan Chronicles”

Yes, I was really glad and privilleged to meet this director from Canada today, I guess he is French Canadian as he had a strong thick French accent. Well, he has a few movies under his direction and yes his name is Dominic Morissette and his documentary that was shown today is called “Afghan Chronicles” and it was really good.

As I was talking to him after the screening, I can sense that he has big passion for people and it was good knowing that people in the world want to help people who are need. And one excerpt of the documentary is a girl and she recites a beautiful poem and it goes something like this:

Mother, come back home.
Come and read me a story,
A story with a happy ending
With brightly coloured songs.
I have had enough of war.
I am a broken branch!
I want you close to me
To sing of a new world.
I want to be a drop of water
Or a rainbow over my country
To bring out flowers and smiles.

— Marzia Monsif’s daughter-

~Later Days~


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