Couples on Bicycles & Amazing Kids…

Yes, I feel that couples on bicycles cycling along can be the sweetest thing ever but at times yes it can be cheesy….I am actually writing this due to the fact I saw this old couple on a bicycle and the lady was sitting at the back and she was seated sideways just like in the old movies and she had her hands on her husband’s shoulder and it looked exactly from a movie …They were chatting and smiling away as they went on…

I just wonder will I be that lovey dovey or even have that sense of excitement when I am that old with my loved one…Or I wonder how all of us would be at the stage of our lives? I wonder…

Moving along, saw some awesome videos from You Tube and kids nowadays are just freaking amazing and trust me, there are more on You Tube but I managed to put this 3 as I like them the most. And all these kids were featured in the The Ellen show and I truly salute her for featuring these kids and sometimes I wonder what was I doing when I was that young? Enjoy:

~Later Days~


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