When Kuala Lumpur Froze for 4 minutes….

Yes thats right folks, following the pursuit of Improv in the USA, Improv Malaysia and the UNITED COLORS OF MALAYSIA group was the force behind the exciting and out of this world experience that happened in the Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur on 13th April 2008. I guess this is the start of a new beginning of the arts scene to emerge and show its true form in Malaysia.

The whole idea of people gathering at a spot was mooted by some of the organizers but the whole event kicked off when people started to cramp up Lot 10 around 2.30 pm and even then the security people were all curios cuz it was there the message was passed out for the meeting point to freeze. So once the message was given all the people headed towards the Pavillion shopping center and waited for the time to arrive at sharp 3.35 pm  and once the clock hit that time everyone froze as throngs of photographers, camera crew we busy clicking and shooting away the freeze in unison. After 4 solid minutes the whole Pavillion was overjoyed and there shouting and cheering that came along when it ended.

I mean who would have though that a simple group from Facebook that sent message across in the cyberspace can gather more than a 1000 people at the same place to accomplish something. That trully indeed is special and it proves a point that no matter what color, race, gender, tall, short, fat, thin and etc, humans can work together in this community and this place called Earth despite at times other things that come in the way and disrupts the peace and harmony. Anyway that is my thoughts on this event and yes now is picture time, this is because I didnt freeze and took pictures and I am not gonna miss this one of a kind event that happened in KL:

And for more pictures from the event, you can click HERE

Also there is a video and I was in it…Hmmmmm:

Anyway thats all for now…till then…

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “When Kuala Lumpur Froze for 4 minutes….

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