Friendship is something, which cannot be easily explained. A common definition of friendship would be a relationship between two individuals, which is neither based on blood relations nor based on needs. It is a relationship, which is based on the compatibility and understanding of two individuals. Though there is much deeper meaning to the term ‘friendship’. Some great men have tried to capture the feeling of friendship in beautiful words and have been successful in giving us some of the most beautiful true friendship quotes.

But this quote is from me and it goes like this ” Friends will be the only people who will be there for you when you are in need but a true friend will be the one who will share every share every single ups and down’s, no matter the time and place when you need them to be there for you”

~Later Days~


8 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. hey, how’d you do that effect of the pic of yourself? the one at the construction site.

    eh, send me an email lah, then i add you on gtalk.

  2. oh, i thought you could see my email add cause it requires me to insert my email add in order to comment.

    will pop you a message 🙂

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