Of Local Bands and Bikinis….

Yes that is what I saw last weekend at the Sunway Lagoon Beach…Loads of local bands and acts were performing for the Seventeen Magazine : Roxy Summer Splash Party. And yes, I went to support my friend who is part of Altered Frequency. Besides, the party was awesome but there were some major hiccups from the start, the entrance to the venue was super packed that there were so many people fainting as they stuck in the crowd for hours. Anyway here are some pictures and not to forget the amount girls in bikini was so many that I didnt know which one to look at, hehehe:


Girls Jousting !

Pink Bikini Girl

Moots of Pop Shuvit.

For more pictures, please click HERE

~Later Days~


5 thoughts on “Of Local Bands and Bikinis….

  1. Hey Bro! Ssup?!

    Kelvin here. The other guy then the camera this morning(psyched week).
    Nice to meet you! And great gears you’ve got there. *prays for my flash to come soon*

    Anyway, pics of u dancing and james doing his *thing* will be up soon! Will let you know.



  2. @joni: I couldnt nice shots of her, cuz it was heavy rain when they announced the results, i have la but its far ….but i have one or two shots of her with her friends. anyway how are you?

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