Of Contemporary Christian Music and 70’s Disco

Yes, very interesting day for me today… I was busy at work and after done with the necessary things at work I was finding for songs that I will be singing with the Canaan Church worship team for next weeks Influence Conference that is going to be held at Glad Tidings PJ.

Anyway I was looking for the song titled ” I am Free” and saw many videos on You Tube and finally found the original singers which is a band called “Newsboys”, I used to listen to them last time but after a while I lost touch with them and this is song is a wonderful song. I love it as the lyrics are strong and encouraging. Anyway here I am going to show two videos of the song version, the original version and another one which I think the girl worship leader ROCKS !

Newsboys version

Rocker Chick version

Well, after finding that I was going through some videos and I stumbled upon this funk 70’s band called “The Brothers Johnson” and their music is simply amazing and I love it. They also sound a bit like Earth, Wind and Fire but these guys are so funky and the music just reflects that 70’s era. Big hair, bell bottom pants, big glasses, afro hair, the whole nine yards. Here is one video of their songs:



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