Portraits for this week…

Yes, its been a while I know, but yea this whole week I am very busy and caught up with things especially the Influence Conference that will be happening in 2 days time. Anyway for this weeks post, I am gonna show some portraits I did for my friends:

Calista Joan Fernandez is a student in my college and she is petite and has one of the sweetest smile I have seen:

Callista Joanne Fernandez

Callista Joanne Fernandez

Callista Joanne Fernandez

Next up I have Farah Rani, Farah is a friend whom I met when I was involved in theater productions with my theater company called The Oral Stage. And I was happy to do this portrait shoot for her and it turned pretty ok for me…I have not had the chance to act along side with her. But she has been in a few plays recently:

And finally I took picture of my F.P.O.E (favorite person on earth), Jackie Fong…she is from my church and she one fine lady and a true friend that anyone can have…:

Well thats all for now, till then

~Later Days


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