Of Photowalks, 24 Long Photos and Kirk Franklin..

Yes, its been an exciting week so far and last week went to take some pictures with my friends along Asian Heritage Row and since it was in the late afternoon, most of the places in fact all of them were closed and only a mamak stall was opened. And here some pictures from the walk…:

Shafina and Abby

Moed Latif


Anyway, thats for the pictures taken there, and as some of you all might know that this weekend would be KLUE Urbanscapes event at KL Pac in Sentul and in conjunction with that the KL Flickr group went on a 24 Hour KL Project and it was a time lapse project. 24 people from the group needed to take pictures of different parts of Kuala Lumpur in the span of 24 Hours and after all the pictures of each hour are edited and compiled into a video format to see the results of the pictures taken. And one of KLickr friends, Adi put together a video montage of the pictures that were taken during the time lapse :

And in Japan another group of people did the most craziest thing, they created a video using the same techniques and this was the results, and its simply amazing. The 1st video is the full video clip and the 2nd is the making of it:

The Video

The Making of Pika Pika Video…

That is how amazing the human brain can think and finally I want to show a remix version of the song “Septemeber” by Earth, Wind and Fire which was sung back by the revolutionary gospel singer named “Kirk Franklin”:

Well, thats all for now till then…

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “Of Photowalks, 24 Long Photos and Kirk Franklin..

  1. Hi sweetie! Just found your blog today.

    I missed all the recent fun meetups. I’ve been so bz. Miss you all terribly. Hope I can come to the next meet up!

    Take care

  2. Not sure whether can remember me but then again didn’t know you had a blog i ‘terjumpa’. Anyways nice seeing you on stage at Influence did a great job will link you soon….God Bless

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