Of Urbanscapes 2008, a Big Event and shooting for an Album Cover…

Yes, finally I have some time to blog about happenings that has been going on in my life, these past week has been crazy. Anyway I was so happy that my pictures were part of the Digital Malaya Project exhibition and 4 of my favorite portrait shots were on display there. And all these happened at the KLUE Urbanscapes 2008 at KLPAC, Sentul. Well, right now picture time:

my pictures on exhibition at the DMP booth

The colorful fan that was put all around by the Bijour Bazaar folks

Ultraman Tiga part of a big art installation

my friend Wei-Nye Chen

Sarah and Joshua Chay

My favorite portrait of the day, her name is Safura Razak

Stephanie Kennedy and me

For more pictures from this set, CLICK HERE

Well, thats is all for KLUE URBANSCAPES and I would like to personally thank the founder of DMP, Muid Latif for giving me a chance to showcase my pictures at KLUE URBANSCAPES 2008. Thank you yeah…

And my favorite from the Urbanscape event was this of the lights that were shining across the hall where the Bass Agents were spinning and this is how it looks, I edited a bit to make it bit more vivid:

Anyway, the next two pictures are the ones I took at this really big event at Sunway Hotel and I was privileged to take shots for the event which also helped by my sister’s company. And here are the shots:

my sister, Fara and Kelsey

Tun Mahathir, the iconic man in Malaysia…

And lastly, I am only going to post two pictures up of my friend that I took for her album cover, she is from Sabah and she just came out with her new album which is self funded but I promised her I will not post more than 2 pictures before her album is out. So, everyone look out for Lenny Lysandra’s album yeah:

Check out her music at these sites :
Lenny Lysandra MySpace

Lenny Lysandra Channel V Amp

Well, thats all for now..till then

~Later Days~


4 thoughts on “Of Urbanscapes 2008, a Big Event and shooting for an Album Cover…

  1. oh… and, about the lenny album shoot… she’s not really keira knightley(Im not being a moron or vain, its just the truth), but i think she would have looked gorgeous with a emo look.. no smiles… not grunge.. bt just plain… smile makes her pop

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