Of Reunions in Bangsar, Old Cameras and Aunty Alice…

Yes, after the small post a few days ago, I had some time today and I decided to blog about some things that happened last week. Well, for starters I had two reunions meets to be exact. The first one was with a small group of friends and the next was with my Mass Comm friends from UCSI. It was so nice seeing all of them but a few didnt turn up but it was indeed a good time meeting all these girls, well they met up for lunch at a Indian restaurant, then we went for tea at Delicious, then for dinner at Nirwana’s and finally ended at Devi’s Corner for shisha and teh tarik. And here are some pictures from the whole day:

Sharmini being all FUNKY !

Desiree and Sham

Piaree, Desiree, Sham & Mansha

Piaree, Desiree, Sham and ME

Mansha and me

Melody Marie

Jolene and ME

Jolene being all CUTE !

Well, it was indeed a fun day and I had nice time meeting this girls….And moving along, I was at Amcorp Mall last Sunday and they have a good ole Flea Market there, and man I tell you, if there is anything you find please go there and I bet you that you will get a good deal. And I was so happy that I bought two cameras for a RM 100 and it was a good buy. The first camera that I got was a Yashica FX-7 Super :

and also a Kodak Instamatix 55X, I mean this camera cant be used as it uses a 126 fil format but I got cuz its an antique:

Well, thats is for a bit of the camera porn that I have and to finish the post, last Sunday I took picture of an aunty in church, her name is Aunty Alice and she was one of the sweetest people that I have ever shot before…I took her picture for the KL Flickr weekly challenge and I asked her to do a heartshape with her hands and she hold em together so cute that it looked like a ball…hehehe, anyway here are the pictures :

yes, those are the two pictures I edited and tell me which one you all like the most yea…till then

~Later Days~


5 thoughts on “Of Reunions in Bangsar, Old Cameras and Aunty Alice…

  1. hey prakash!!! 🙂 how r u? its funny how i stumbled upon ur flickr page n also how we know a few ppl in common! lol! anyway, GREAT pics! n hope one day we can shoot!

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