After a long week…..

Yes, loads of things has happened this past 3 weeks in my life, of photoshoots, video shooting, going down to Malacca for an event, getting a few things that I needed, also my latest craze for colored socks, it has been trully an tiring experience yet fruitful as well….

Well, firstly I wanna show the new mobile that I got after so many years of using my old Nokia 7210, the first color screen phone that was in the market. And now I got another Nokia phone and I am trully happy with it and yes I had some suggestions from a very close friend that I should get a Sony Ericcson but I said I like my Nokia’s.. (hehehehehe), anyway when I have enough cash I will get myself a better phone but as for now this is should do the trick yeah, introducing my very own Nokia 6500 Slide model :

Next, it was an awesome trip to Malacca with one my friends from KLickr as he asked me to help with an event he was shooting. So, I had a wonderful time helping him out and the next day I was out in Malacca town taking pictures and having some good old Malacca food. Here are some shots :

There are more pictures to see from my trip and also my other pictures. Just click HERE

Besides, I have been buying loads of colored socks and my friend got me this cool t-shirt and socks from Springfield from me, I totally love em :

One more good news is that UCSI is now conferred with the UNIVERSITY title and I am proud to be part of the UCSI family. From a small computer center and now  a full fledge university, its something to be proud of without a speck of a doubt. Anyway, just for entertaintment pleasure I took this picture a few months ago, its a picture of a car and I got to know that its Chevy Impala Convertible. 1950s, and man that thing looked awesome :

And lastly, something funny I saw last week was when I was in Jaya Jusco in MidValley, I know most of you have heard of the game badminton but have anyone of you heard of :

Till then take care peeps…

~Later Days~


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