Of Weddings and A Baby…

Yes, after the long weekend I had, it was another week of meeting relatives and all as it was the Deepavali week and I had so much of food at my aunts place, despite all that, I had to attend my friends wedding, it was Jacklyn & Thomas Wedding  reception at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort.

She is one of my very good friends from Putera Aman Assembly and I know since she was a student in Multimedia University…..Congrats to you all both yea, I was not the official photog, I only brought my 50mm lens to take some shots :

Well, that was it for the wedding and yes, I am again an uncle for the 2nd time as my 2nd cousin sister gave birth to her baby girl and I was there in her house to take some shots of her after 30days, and man she is so adorable and cute. Here she is, baby Chandana :

She is so sweet and I was holding her for the longest time in my arms….anyway tats all for now…

~Later Days~


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