New Chapter….

Yes that is right… I am officially now working at Ecaz Studios in Bandar Sri Damansara. It has been a wonderful 2 years working in UCSI and to see this come to past has been a trully awesome experience…But I had to leave of some things. Anyway that aside, these are my new colleagues at Ecaz Studios. In no particular order :

The Big Kahuna aka The Boss

EK who used to be my friend in high school…

Halimi Saidi who is also an event photographer, from Anugerah Skrin to all the red carpet shows he is there…

YD Leong who is also a fellow Flickrian…

Mursi who digs the cars and ladies…..

~Later Days~


2 thoughts on “New Chapter….

  1. Bro, seems like we lost contact for quite some times, now only i know u r no longer working with UCSI. Anyway, brand new chapter, enjoy~!

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