Yasmin Ahmad : A True Visionary and Inspiration to everyone…

R.I.P YASMIN AHMAD : 1958-2009

R.I.P YASMIN AHMAD : 1958-2009

Looks like Malaysia has lost a talented person and its so hard to grasp the fact that she  has left this earth. The time she spent here has trully inspired many people in one way or another. She is none other than the loved YASMIN AHMAD. Her creative energy was so crazy that everytime you watch her commercials it would bring tears to your eyes.

The creative director for Leo Burnett Malaysia, Yasmin proved to the public that love and joy is all needed to make the best visuals in making an advertisement worthwhile watching and has greater depth to it. When her movie career kicked off, I was in awe with all her works, from the story of two elderly couples in RABUN to her heartwarmin story of love in SEPET and her latest movie TALENTIME it was simply amazing. All her movies are simply down to earth and its purely MALAYSIAN.

I was privilleged enough to talk to her twice, once was during the judging of my short film competition with Vision Media called ” Generasi Digital” and also during the Global Indian Film Festival held in KL a few years back. The one thing she said to me was ” no matter what happens around, DO NOT give in what you believe in and make you sure you put that into practice and see it blossom”. During one of her screening that happened in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, when I watched the director’s cut for SEPET, I was like in awe, how she can shoot such a AWESOME show in just 12 days.  When asked why she used poems from Rabindranath Tagore, she told me that poems often speaks of the human nature and his (Rabindranath) was simply divine and mind blowing but comes back to the human nature and heart which relates to her. I can go on and on about her as my background in film & TV has been one of the reasons why I loved all her works so much. Anyway here are some of her works, enjoy :

All I have to say is that I will trully miss her and the film industry has trully lost a bold, courageous person that is simply mind blowing !


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