Of Self Portraits, Girls, Gigs,DeepaRaya Meetups & Sayang

Wow, its been like ages since I blogged, and this is going to be one random post as I am gonna post pictures from various things that has been happening recently. First is some portraits that I took of my colleague and she took for me when we went on assignment in Bangsar :

Yong May


Next up, I took some shots of this modeling event that happened in One Utama, and some of them were my friends and was emceed by Liang:




Well next up was the band EVE’s performance at Urbanattic in Capsquare, KL :

My favorite shot

Crazy Drummer BOY !

Spinning !

Next is a couple of shots during the KL FLICKR Deeparaya meetup:


Vic Fuad

And Finally I found some old pictures that I took with my sayang aka the GF when I was working i Ecaz during the PGL production in Istana Budaya:

Sayang & ME

Sayang & Moi

Well that is all for now, but if any of you all wanna see more pictures, please visit my FLICKR page at http://flickr.com/photos/prakashdaniel

~Later Days~


One thought on “Of Self Portraits, Girls, Gigs,DeepaRaya Meetups & Sayang

  1. Hi Praksh Daniel,

    On Flickr we found an image of yours – a person basejumping – that we would like to use in a card game. 100 copies will be printed and will be used for training their personel by one of our client> For that I seek your permission. If you would like to have more information, please contact me either on ewolfs@totalidentity.nl or at ewolfs@casema.nl. Greetings from the Netherlands, and thanks kindly in advance for your reply.

    Etienne Wolfs
    00 +31 20 750 95 00

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