WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY WORSHIP ? Listen to new bands like Glenn, BRAD & REBEKAH…

I have been very dormant on my blog posts recently and it is not because I am ignoring it but I am super duper busy with my work. Yes, its been a new environment for me and working with the nations number one daily has its challenges. To be specific working in the advertising department and writing advertorial is another new thing that I am still learning.

Well, leaving that aside, the new year has come and I hope to meet my resolutions that I have set for this year. Ranging from personal to work, hopefully it will come true. Anyway, this blog post is going to be about Contemporary Worship Music (CWM) and over the years I have been listening to lots of bands that has shaped my musical genre towards the CWP scene.

Since my high school days I have been listening to bands like Delirious, Sonic Flood, Jars of Clay, and not forgetting all the wonderful songs that come from Australia. Churches in Australia such as Hillsongs, Paradise and others. This is an excerpt from Wikipedia on CWM:

Contemporary worship music (CWM) is a loosely defined genre of Christian music which has developed over the past sixty years and is stylistically similar to pop music. The songs are frequently referred to as ‘praise songs’ or ‘worship songs’, and are typically led by a worship band, with a guitarist leading. Today it is arguably the most common genre of music sung in churches — particularly in Protestant churches, both denominational and nondenominational. Some songs are even featured in more traditional hymnals

Well, that sums it up in a nutshell what CWM is all about. Recently there are new styles of CWM that has arise from different parts of the world. Lots of various styles that are explored in creating beautiful songs for worship. Song writers such as Michael W Smith, Paul Baloche, Don Moen, has stepped up in creating new styles from the traditional that they been writing songs. Gone are the days of Hosanna and Integrity Music styles. I mean the songs are being sung in churches but rarely you hear younger musicians playing such songs as its totally different to what is being written now. No matter what those songs from that time has inspired many new songwriters to come out and try new things.

Nowadays we rarely see chord progressions that are hard and complicated to play. Songs are written and composed to be simple yet meaningful. Worship bands such as Soul Survivor from UK and Passion from USA has redefined CWM in my humble opinion. But like I mentioned earlier, all these lead to one thing that is “To worship GOD in spirit and truth”.

Recently I was really glad to discover a few bands and songwriters that are phenomenal. Their style of songwriting has touched my life in many ways even after listening to their music in a short span of time. Firstly I would like to speak about Glen Packiam.

I heard of Glen when I was in high school and he was in KL with his band BAREFOOT. It was then I was so in love with the “Undignified” by Delirious. His songs are just simple yet speaks so much. Not only that he is also part of the Desperation Band. Here are some videos of Glen :

Next up is the husband and wife team that I had the privilege of meeting them during the Asia Pacific Youth Alive Conference (APYAC) that was held last year in Glad Tidings, PJ. The songs they write are just purely down to earth and speaks of giving praise to God in the simplest words.

The songs they sang during the conference were just amazing, not only the crowd’s responses were amazing but the spirit of God was just felt throughout the worship time. Here are some shots that I took of them during APYAC 2009:






That were some shots of them from the conference, they have a new album out which is called THE ONE WE LOVE which is a full band accompanied album. My favorite song from this album is the single same as title. It starts of with a cool guitar reef and it goes into a very rock style and the chorus just is majestic and is full of impact as declaration of God’s love is heard. The other song that I really love is THANK YOU LORD. You all have to listen it to experience the wonder of this song.

Besides that album they also have a beautifully crafted acoustic project called ACOUSTICALLY INCLINED. This album is perfect for devotion times and easy listening. All in all, I was blessed by them as they were really down to earth people and to me personally think if you put your heart to songwriting, such songs from Brad & Rebekah are created for people of God to enjoy it.

For more information on their music, please click on their links below:

MySpace : http://www.myspace.com/bradandrebekah

Website: http://www.bradandrebekahmusic.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/bradrebekah/30762349732

Well, that is my blog post on some of my thoughts on worship music. These two artist that I have written about are people that need to be known by our generation. Singer songwriters in the secular get so much exposure and people who serve GOD should be known even more. So do promote Glenn, BRAD & REBEKAH after listening to their music. It has touched my heart and I hope it will do the same for you too.. GOD BLESS



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