Projek Al-Safa

Oh my ! This has been the longest time since I updated my blog. Well, since I only post my photography works hence I guess my blog is good in that way. Anyway this post is goin to feature of the favorite mamak that I go to and my buddies who hang out with me. It is also one of the good place to have good shisha. Well here are the pictures :

Carlston aka The O ring man


Megat the Shisha Boss

Farid the Shisa Maker


Hanafi the Charcoal dude

Javad the Original Prince of Persia !


Kucing Al Safa

Bokeh'D Apartments

Charcoal Fire

Well that is for this set of photos now, there will be more photos coming up soon. Till then !

~Later Days~


3 thoughts on “Projek Al-Safa

  1. Good stuff!! The charcoal fire one is awesome! Kucing al u make them look cute here..but they trully are annoying as hell!

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