Yes, that is her name. A very good friend of mine that I met during my internship days and asked to do some portraits for her. She also likes tattooing which can be send on her. Well  this are some of the basic shots that I took of her :







That is all for now !

~Later Days~


6 thoughts on “Grace

  1. Hey~ nice shots. =)

    my 2 cents? =) they’re as below:
    – perhaps you could try using more depth into your pictures. =) as i see it now, it’s currently a little too flat.

    – Grace’s pose can be a little more natural.. looking at how she’s trying hard to pose, i think it’s nice if she could actually be more natural.

    – love the black n white of her against that background. however, the contrast is too harsh? it has lost quite a few bit of interesting details.. =)

    – let’s try not to touch up too much .. she’s pretty, n i bet you wouldn’t need that much of it! ^^

    – oh, if you want to feature more of her thigh’s tattoo, perhaps get her to lean against the wall to extend her right leg, with a more playful look =) it’ll be cooler!

    heheh. okok.. not gonna give too much comments! or i’ll be banned!

    anyhow, keep up the good work! ^^

  2. @Mel: hey there….thank you so much for the comments yea…really appreciate it and also other pictures as well on my blog yea….I am constantly wanting to learn new things yeah….thanks dear !

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