Canon EOS 60D : Integrated Speedlite Transmitter

I have been always a big fan of off camera lighting. I have always loved how the way Nikon camera can integrate with the speedlites. I know the Canon EOS 7D had it and it is kinda late that this feature is introduced in the Canon EOS 60D, well it is better late than never. The EOS 60D can remotely control EX Series Speedlites that are compatible with wireless control. No we  can easily enjoy high-level wireless multi-flash shooting.

Well here are some shots I did using the wireless flash and I like green colored ones as I used color gel to get that effect:







Well that is all for now, well more features of the Canon EOS 60D will be up soon this week and expect new pictures as well !

~Later Days~


9 thoughts on “Canon EOS 60D : Integrated Speedlite Transmitter

  1. One thing to note that the Wireless Flash Trigger is not the same as the one on EOS 7D.

    It works like using the ST-E2 transmitter, having groups, channels and ratio set to 8:1, 1:1 and 1:8 BUT you can’t set the power for the groups.

    The one on EOS 7D is more advanced, works like triggering with the 580EX II – you can set the power to each group down to even 1/128. 🙂

  2. No probs bro. 😀 Better only in the sense that it has more control over the output. Other than that, I think the 60D’s trigger is still awesome. No need to spend on ST-E2 already.

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  4. hey nice off cam shots there. i got the 60d and 430 ex too, but every time i try wireless
    flash the built in flash also fires together with the slave wireless gun. am i doing wrong?

    • well monnette, the flash will fire on the camera cuz the EOS 60D comes with a built in transmitter thus the flash need to be triggered to activate the external flash…but in the flash setting i think u can have an option to close the internal flash…

  5. What settings should I have on my 580 for it to be triggered by 60d? I placed it on ettl and manual but no luck….I think I followed all camera settings right…what am I doing wrong…? Thanks in advance

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