Canon EOS 60D: Creative Filters

Well, another post on the awesome Canon EOS 60D, one of the latest additional features is the creative filters that the camera has to offer. The process of doing editing with photos can be tedious at times. This gem of a camera has changed the way how post processing is done. On top of the in camera RAW processing, it has creative filters that adds character to the photos. The filters are : Grainy B&W, Soft Focus, Toy Camera (gives that LOMO feel) and Miniature Effect (Tilt & Shift). Here are some pictures:


Soft Focus




All three using Toy Camera: Cool, Warm and Standard



Grainy B&W


Miniature Effect

Well it works well for those who wants a quick and easy way to do post processing. The good thing about this camera is the way it gives the user the flexibility to do things fast and uniquely at the same time. Well, there will be more updates coming up along the way and also a photo essay and some videos.

~Later Days~


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