Canon EOS 60D: Video at its BEST

Well, another post on the amazing EOS 60D, I am gonna keep it short. I know my video skills have been not that good and its been a while since did any video stuff. Anyway this camera has amazing video capturing capabilities. I took this video at the usual place I hang out and the shisha (hookah) stall is packed with people. So I decided to a really short video on the smoke. Anyway the video was shot with a 50mm, f.18 lens. The bokeh and colors are amazing. I edited the video with iMovie, and I slowed it down a bit and has a emo soundtrack to it yeah. So, I know some people would not like slow motion stuff but I was feeling bit artsy. Well this is my try at the video and I am also waiting for my good friend Joshua Chay to showcase his video with the Canon EOS 60D.

Click on the link below to view the video !

Smoke Wonders from Prakash Daniel on Vimeo.


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