ROCK & ROLL is back in BUSINESS feat 3

Yes that is right, for all you Rock & Roll lovers out there. There is a new band in town and these guys are simply amazing. A three piece rock band that will blow your mind off ! Well this is something about the band and their bio :

3 very like minded guys meet randomly in different places and talk music. They hit it off and decide to jam together and play some stuff circa early 2010. Fast forward a year and you get a whole bunch of hard rocking, powerhouse original material!

Now in 2011, Riz is taking on a new role as the frontman and the sole guitarist for his new band “3”. Drawing musical songwriting inspirations from the likes of Lou Reed, Paul Westerberg, Steve Jones, Izzy Stradlin, Dave Ghrol, Bon Scott, Chris Robinson, Ian Astbury and many more. 3’s musical sound is about channeling the spirit, prowess and influences of guitar greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Slash, SRV, Jerry Cantrell, BB King, AC DC, Aerosmith and GnR.

“3” is about acknowledging the past masters while presenting it in today’s modern context.

Singer/Guitarist – Riz – Grew up, played and toured with many bands in the US since the mid 90’s. Recorded and sessioned on many CDs/albums. Returned to Malaysia in Dec. 2004, started the band PAKU from Penang. Signed to a local label in KL(2 years) and toured UK in 2007. Recorded and produced 2 singles and a full length EP with PAKU.

Drummer – Ashwin – Grew up playing music and performing from the age of 12 in Penang through to Australia and from 2007, KL. Working as an audio engineer and session drummer, previously performing with the Ray Cheong Trio playing funky blues rock.

Bassist/Guitarist – Henry – The guitarist of Rollin’ Sixers who doubles up as a bassist with “3”.

Here are some pictures I took of them when they performed at Artista, Tropicana Mall :

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

3 Live @ Artista

Well for more on the band and their music, just head on to

~Later Days~


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