Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

José James is an American vocalist best known for performing and blending modern jazz and hip-hop. James performs all over the world both as a leader and with other groups.

James is the son of a Panamanian saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. James attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. In 2008, he debuted with his first album, The Dreamer, on the Brownswood label. BLACKMAGIC followed in 2010. 2010’s For All We Know came out on the Impulse! label.For All We Know became the winner of both the Edison Award and L’Académie du Jazz Grand Prix for best Vocal Jazz Album of 2010.

Here are some pictures I took that night:

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

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The Ray Cheong Trio

Early this week on Monday my good friends performed at No Black Tie, one of Kuala Lumpur’s well know jazz club. Currently the whole new revamped place also hosts other events than jazz music. Anyway, I know Ray  for a long time now and they sound AWESOME together as a band. Here are some some shots from that night :

Ray Cheong

The Trio

Ray Cheong

Ray Cheong


Davina Goh


Well those the shots I took on the night. A bit more on the band itself, this excerpt is from their Facebook page :

“Ray Cheong has a voice as true as a bell, as oddly world-weary as a Charlie Chaplin smile, as broken as a heart. The world if we read the rave reviews on this fast emerging singer-songwriter, will fall in love with this unmistakable voice soon enough.

Although his “soulful ways” are constantly being associated with big names like John Mayer and Ben Harper of the United States, Ray begs to differ as he feels that he portrays music in a whole different way. Being inspired to sing and to be…

The Ray & Ash trio started off as a duo in early 2007. Prior to that lead singer Ray Cheong was performing solo as a jazz/blues guitarist and singer all around Malaysia. With the arrival of drummer Ash, they started performing a number of covers at small gigs and open mic nights in KL and Penang. Their style varies from slow serenading numbers to upbeat driving funk.

Since both Ray & Ash come from a rock background, they also incorporate that style into their music. Now with the addition of bassist Zaim, they have spread out to perform at bigger venues as a band with a complete sound performing regularly at venues like Groove Junction, Hartamas and many others.”

Also here are some videos of them performing :

These are some videos of Ray singing on his Youtube channel:

So for more videos do check the YOUTUBE CHANNEL, click HERE and also add them on the FACEBOOK page, click HERE

Well, for me personally they are one kick @$$ band and the next time when you here the name The Ray Cheong Trio please make sure to go and see them as they will blow your mind away with the groovy styles. I am big fan of funk and blues and these dudes manage to break the boundaries and play some wholesome music that sounds good, no gimmicks and fancy smancy things, but just pure heart and soul towards creating AWESOME music.

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Of Jazz Fest and Long Lunch Breaks…

Yes, last weekend was awesome time as I had the chance to be there at Sunrise Jazz Festival 2008. I saw Hunny Madu, Adil Johan and also the Phunkmob performing and also not to forget the Karen Nunis and gang….Anyway this are pictures from the nite:

Adil Johan

Wan Gigi

Hiro on Bass

Hunny Madu and Adil Johan

John Thomas of Phunkmob

Well, that is for the Jazz Fest, today I was lucky enough to spend some extra time with my colleagues, Lee Yin and Eliza. We had a long lunch break at Cheras, Leisure Mall and before we reached the place to eat, we stopped by Memory Lane and bought very cute and fuzzy stress ball, and we named them Reddy, Bluey and Blackie:

Lee Yin


Lee Yin and Eliza

Blackie, Reddy, Bluey

Moi !

Till then take care peeps…

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