Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

José James is an American vocalist best known for performing and blending modern jazz and hip-hop. James performs all over the world both as a leader and with other groups.

James is the son of a Panamanian saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist. James attended The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music. In 2008, he debuted with his first album, The Dreamer, on the Brownswood label. BLACKMAGIC followed in 2010. 2010’s For All We Know came out on the Impulse! label.For All We Know became the winner of both the Edison Award and L’Académie du Jazz Grand Prix for best Vocal Jazz Album of 2010.

Here are some pictures I took that night:

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

Jose James Live at The Bee, Publika

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CANON EOS 60D : One Camera ! Two Weeks ! Three times more to BLOG !

Well, yes I am happy kid since last Sunday….I was chosen to be one of the 20 people to review the new Canon EOS 60D camera. I have been a Canon fanboy since my college days when I used to shoot with a Canon XL 1S video camera.

This new DSLR is set to hit the Malaysian market in October and yes it is indeed a sweet machine with loads of features that will blow your mind off. During the briefing which was held at One World Hotel, Canon reps explained the features and the new outtakes the camera has.

Well, we were given the options of drawing lots for choosing the kit lens which is featured with the model. There are 3 lenses that comes with this camera, which are :

1. Canon EOS 60D dengan Kit Lens EF-S 18mm – 55mm IS f3.5 – f5.6

2. Canon EOS 60D dengan Kit Lens EF-S 18mm – 135mm IS f3.5 – f5.6

3. Canon EOS 60D dengan Kit Lens EF-S 18mm – 200mm IS f3.5 – f.5.6

One of the main difference that is seen is the slightly smaller body comparison to the older Canon EOS 50D and also the joystick is not in this model but replaced with a very useful dial button behind. Besides the cameras has a swivel LCD that can be used to take various hard to get angles.



Well, there are gonna be lots of updates that I will be doing for this camera but for now these are pictures that I took during the briefing and I must say I am blown away :





Smile !

Sexy !

For more information on the camera please click on the links below and wait up for more updates on the new and cool Canon EOS 60D

Canon EOS 60D microsite

Canon EOS 60D Product Page